Full Service Oil Change + 21 Points Preventive Maintenance Inspection (FS21)

What is FS21?? 

FS21 will be done in 3 steps. 

Step 1 :

We will drain the old engine oil out using a special formulated flush

- Fully cleans engine by dissolving, dispersing & removing sludge & damaging deposits

Step 2 :

We will replace the oil filter & refill with your choice of factory-spec grade engine oil

- Oil filter & engine oil meeting or exceeding factory specs

Step 3 :

Our skilled & experienced mechanics will perform a 21-pt inspection ensuring your car operates safely & efficiently

Is there any special package for FS21?

Yes! We have. Our package includes:

✔️ Engine Oil (Fully Synthetic / Semi-Synthetic / Mineral)

✔️ Oil Filter

✔️ Engine Flush

✔️ Fuel Injector Cleaner*

✔️ 21 Points Preventive Maintenance Inspection

We have packages for all types of car. From hatchback, sedan, SUV, MPV, and continental cars too! All packages we recommend are compatible with your car specifications.

What is 21 Points Preventive Maintenance Inspection?

21 Points Preventive Maintenance Inspection is: 

✔️ Components/parts of your car will be checked by our expert team. 

✔️ The function is to ensure your car operates safely and efficiently. 

✔️ Our expert team will inform our Service Advisor about the components/parts that is/are not in good condition.

✔️ Our Service Advisor will remark the components/parts that need replacement in the Jobsheet and advise you the car concerns and give the best and honest opinion following your car condition.

Below are the components/parts that are included in our 21 points inspection.

Extra notes for our dearest customer

Do not worry, we will not replace or change parts as long as we do not get customer approval 😉

Engine Flushing

Engine Flushing

engine oil

Engine Oil

oil filter

Oil Filter

air intake

Air Intake Filter

air filter

Cabin Filter

drive belt

Drive / Auxiliary Belts

brake fluid

Brake /Clutch Fluid


Radiator Coolant

power steering

Power Steering Fulid 


Starter Battery

spark plug

Spark Plugs


Horn/ External Lights


Windscreen Wash Fluid


Wiper Blades


Wheels / Tyres




Suspension System


Manual / Auto Transmission Fluid


Brake Disc / Pads


Inspection Report

test drive

Test Drive